Signs of the Impending Moose-Ocalypse

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The signs were all there... The backside 360 at Bernal Heights. The backside 360 at Hollywood High School. But some of us didn't listen, and now it's too late.

Man-Ams, take shelter from this swirling mass of gnar.

Washed-up Pros take to the hills and film, film, film!

Indifferent destruction shall commence, as The Moose-Ocalypse is here and the man they call Moose is now pro.

  • Thrasher Magazine's Bust Or Bail Contest

    In 2008 Moose showed signs of greatness with a face melting backside 360 that had onlookers clawing their cheekbones in agony trying to comprehend what just happened. Some even swear they saw scorpions falling from the heavens. Look for Moose at the 3:35 mark.
  • Lines @ P-Rod's Skate Park

    Then, in 2011, Moose released a swarm of locusts at P-Rods private skate park with a series of lines, reaffirming that Hell is in fact empty and there are demonic forces skating among us.
  • Hollywood High 16: A Rite of Passage

    In early 2013, Moose paid tribute to the hallowed ground of Hollywood High with another BS 360, this time leaving a small patch of scorched earth at the bottom of the stairs and the faint smell of brimstone in the air. Click the image to witness this destruction (not for the faint of heart).
  • Bones Wheels II "New Ground" Video Part

    In his part for the Bones "New Ground" video, Moose summons the spirit of Tupac to do things like kickflip front smith on handrails. That's the kind of demonic hell spawn we are talking about here- his throwaway footage has kickflip front smiths. Click The Image.
  • Battle At The Berrics 6

    After lulling future vitcims into a false sense of security with an early fall out from BATB 5, Moose came back with a vengeance for the 6th edition with impressive wins over Chaz Ortiz and Bastien Salabanzi. Even in his eventual loss to Bostonian Wizard PJ Ladd, Moose demonstrated powerful understanding of the dark arts by resurrecting himself from the dead TWICE before ultimately admitting defeat. A truly demonic performance indeed.
  • The Deathwish Video

    The Spring of 2013 brought anticipation of Summer Solstice and its animal sacrifices along with hot-blooded anticipation for The Deathwish Video. In what was clearly one of the most ill-fated signs of the impending Moose-Ocalypse, we bared witness to moments of tech-gnar never before seen. What kind of monster does a hardflip back tail 270 heelflip out??? Click the image for the footage that didn't make the cut, and wonder at the sheer gnarlitude of this man-beast.
  • Moose Goes Pro & The Baker Boys Take Over Skatelab

    On August 31st 2013 the boiling point was reached and the wrath and fury that is Louis "Moose" De Los Reyes, was unleashed on the innocent bystanders of Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA. This apocalyptic even was punctuated by live music from GWAR a mariachi band and the Deathwish Team's relentless havoc.
  • So What's Next

    So what's next for this young Deathwish rider? Well I suppose that's between Moose and the powers that be. But in the words of William Shakespeare, "What man, defy the devil. Consider, he's an enemy to mankind." We leave you with these parting words in anticipation of this exciting new Post-Moose-Ocalyptic Era.
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