LOOK AWAY: The Art of Todd Francis

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"Attempting to embrace the artwork of Todd Francis is akin to sailing your ship toward the song of the siren. Like most artists leveraging the loose category of "Street Art" to their benefit, Francis is a cheap, shiny gift to the doomed and vacuous, a fleeting beacon to the dull and easily entertained, and an artistic reference to those naive enough to cite the temporary, interchangeable walls of the skate shop as a viable source." - Some Critic

Join us for a photo recap of the Todd Francis book release at DLX Skate Shop in San Francisco from this past weekend.

This is "Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis"

What art show would be complete without alcohol? BYOB is always a safe bet.

Awesome Turnout

DLXSF... Creepy pigeon eye.

The reissues sold out quick!


Alright now let's check out some art!

...Wait, let's chug a beer first.

Real Skateboards | "The Texas Chainsaw Pig Fucker" | 1997

Anti Hero| "Disease" Series | 1997 

Anti Hero | "Natures Revenge" Series | 1997

Anti Hero | John Cardiel "Pigeon Attack - Natures Revenge" | 1997

Anti Hero | "Disgruntled Worker" Series & Tim Upson "Monkey Suit" | 1999 

Anti Hero | Tony Trujillo "Disgruntled Employee" | 1999

Anti Hero | Julien Stranger "Monkey Suit" & "Roaches" Series | 1999 & 1997

Anti Hero | Julien Stranger "Roach Egg" | 1997

Anti Hero | Bob Burnquist "Roach Shoe" | 1997

Anti Hero | Sean Young "Roach Cigarette" | 1997

Anti Hero | Julien Stranger "Rat Fish" | 1996

Anti Hero | Tony Trujillo "Monkey Suit" Reissue | 2014

Anti Hero | Peter Hewitt "Parasites Of The New World | 2014

Anti Hero | Julien Stranger "Goiter" Reissue | 2014

Jason Adams | Signature Pose

Andy Roy... aka Spider aka Snuggle Bandit

Julien Stranger... OG AS FUCK!

MIC-E & Grant T

Grant Taylor... Passive middle finger.

Raney Beres with hella stiches from attempting to make history at the Van Doren Invitational

Chico Brenes showing love for DLX 

 Tommy Guerrero lookin' tough as nails

...and the man himself, Todd Francis!

Pick up a copy of "Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis" at your local skate shop now!


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