LKP's: Little Kid Points

on Monday, 25 November 2013.

Little Kid Points, or LKPs. Some 10 year olds have built little mini-me empires off them, while others never really needed the LKPs in the first place.

We have compiled some of our favorite young'uns who have (and haven't) come up over the years in an attempt to answer the question- what happens when puberty hits?

Will you adapt to size 8 boards like the rest, or will your crooked grind shuvs seem a lot less cool when done by a grown-ass man?

The answers follow in, "LKP's: What Happens When Puberty Hits?"

  • Chris Branagh

    Chris made his debut and finale in one film- 1990's Rubbish Heap, from World Industries. He even had pro decks released. We're not sure where he has been since then, but if you read this Chris- holla!
  • Billy Waldman

    Skating alongside Branagh in Rubbish Heap was hell-child Billy Waldman. Waldman's child stardom continued on a bit longer than Branagh's though, as he scored a bit part in Larry Clark's 1996 classic, "Kids". After disappearing to Brazil for a while word is Billy's back in NYC.
  • Guy Mariano

    Basically, Guy has been ripping longer than you have been alive. Seriously. From the Powell Vids of the late 80s to 1991's Video Days to his last year's epicness in Pretty Sweet, Guy is fast-closing in on THREE DECADES of awesome.

    Clearly LKPs never meant much to Guy. Unlike this next dude..
  • Knox Godoy

    Knox Godoy. What happened to him? Yea, we're not really sure either. Son of former pro Art Godoy, Knox debuted as a little hellion in Baker 2G and promptly fell off. In 2011, he started the "Sleight of Hand" board and ADITL series, but that's about it.
  • Kevin "Spanky" Long

    Spanky was.. Ooops! We mean Kevin Long. Kevin managed to shed the "Spanky" nickname in an act of personal re-branding, and is now better known for wallie 5-0s and getting his long, flowing locks set on fire than he is for his childhood success on a skateboard.
  • Ryan Sheckler

    We watched Ryan Sheckler grow up before our eyes, and while his love of back tats has evolved, his love of flyouts is one thing that hasn't changed. If anybody has a link to the Big Brother interview with "Ryan and Jen" please let us know.
  • Pierce Brunner and Chris Brunner

    The best pair of skateboarding brothers since Jonas and Jeremy Wray. Thankfully The Brunner Twins have some serious talent to back up what might otherwise just be considered a marketing gimmick.
  • Baby Scumbag

    Steven Fernandez aka Baby Scumbag makes our list for being the most bold and audacious 14-year old we have ever seen. He's definitely got more game than we did at 14, both on and off the board.

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