Half Cab: Birth Of An Icon

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In the early 90's a new generation of skaters ditched the halfpipe of their predecessors and started taking it back to the streets. Caballero noticed these guys were cutting his classic Vans signature high-top down for more dexterity; so in 92' Vans responded with a mid-size version and thus The Half Cab was born!

It's been over 20 years now since The Half Cab was released and this past weekend over 30 artists contributed works to celebrate this iconic shoe with a massive art gallery hosted by Vans and Steve Caballero himself.

This is Half Cab: Birth of an Icon

Even looks fun from across the street!

...Getting closer...

Rad sign Cukui, let's go inside!

Westside is the Bestside

Alright... Time to get artsy.

"Protector" | Water Color On Paper | Orly Locquiao

"Half Cab" | Acrylic On Wood | Gabe Richesson


Nacimiento De Un Icono | Ink On Bristol | Mr. Winn

"Twin" | Enamel On Canvas | Boo

"Half Cab Loteria" | Acrylic On Canvas | Ricardo Gonzalez

"Cab" | Mixed Media On Wood | Jason Adams

...and Jason Adam! (found him at Seeing Things Gallery down the street)

"Orbit" | Acrylic On Wood | Jimbo Phillips

"Two Views Forever Burned Into My Eyes" | Mixed Media On Canvas | Mofo

Mofo Himself!


 "Viva La Cab" | Ink And Acrylic On Bamboo Paper | Keith Meek

"Micro Icons" | Mixed Media Acrylic On Wood | Matt Ritchie

"The Main Event" | Mixed Media On Canvas | Sean Boyles

"Gold Dragon" | Mixed Media On Panel | Jet Wrench

"Off The Wall" | Acrylic On Panel | Joey Vela

"Half Cab" | Mixed Media On Canvas | 3Sheets


"Twenty On It" | Mixed Media | Abel Gonzales

"SkaRobot" | Acrylic On Skate Deck | Christine Benjamin

"Birth Of An Icon" | Enamel On Canvas | Makoto

"Cab Tough" | Pencil On Paper | Sam Rodriguez

It's been quite a journey thus far, let's keep moving

Wall #2

"Take Off" | Ink On Paper | Jahan Loh

Autographed Limited Edition Cab Dragon Toy... Nuff Said.


"The Zombie Of Wallows" | Ink And Colored Pencil On Vellum| Adam Davis

"Caballerial" | Acrylic On Canvas | Grime

"Influence" | Japanese Ink On Wood Panel | Rich Jacobs

"Dawn Of The Frontside" | Mixed Media On Paper | Bobby Brown

"To Catch A Skater" | Water Color On Paper | Matt Eversole

"It's Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away" | Mixed Media | Ken Davis

"Steel Brigade" | Steel And Wood | Tony "Kraze 1" Parker

"When Monsters Dare" | Acrylics On Canvas | Dirty Donny

So long from Steve Caballero and Mr. G!

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