The FTC Young Bucks - Nico Hiraga

on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

Full Name, Age, Hometown?

Nico Hiraga, 16, San Francisco

How long have you been skating?

Been skating for 6 years

Got any nicknames?

My nickname is Neeks

Go To Trick?

360 pop shuv


Chocolate, Royal, Spitfire, Lakai and FTC Skate Shop

Favorite SF Skater?

James Capps

Favorite SF spot?


Who on the team gets the most girls?

Joel could be pullin' but he's laggin'

Who’s the best / worst person to sit next to in the van?

Best person to sit next to is Joel cuz he doesn't do fuck shit. Worst is Tesfar or Des cuz they smell like ass

Who’s got your favorite part in the new FTC Youngbucks video?

Part to look forward to is Desmond's

Social Media?

Fuck social media man

NEXT UP: Joel Misner

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