The FTC Young Bucks - Matt Dodge

on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

Photo: Mateo Raparaz

Full Name, Age, Hometown?

Matt Dodge, 19, Pacifica, CA

How long have you been skating?

Been skating for 10 years

Got any nicknames?


Go To Trick?

Varial Heel or BS 5050


No sponsors, but homie hookups!

Favorite SF Skater?

Jack Curtin

Favorite SF spot?

3rd and Army

Who on the team gets the most girls?

We all slay!

Who’s the best / worst person to sit next to in the van?

Anyone who just got brute and is sweating it up

Who’s got your favorite part in the new FTC Youngbucks video?

Joenathan, Josh, or Ryan

Social Media?

Instagram: @_mattdodge Twitter: @matt_dodge

NEXT UP: Nico Hiraga

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