The FTC Young Bucks - Joshua Fajardo

on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

Photo: Gary Ottonello / @Gary_Ottonello

Full Name, Age & Hometown?

Joshua Fajardo, 18, Santa Rosa, CA

How long have you been skating?

6 years

Got any nicknames?


Go To Trick?

Bs feeble



Favorite SF Skater?

Peter Ramondetta

Favorite SF spot?

Lake Shore ledges

Who on the team gets the most girls?

Kallen's bitch ass

Who’s the best / worst person to sit next to in the van?

Best my nigga Jahn fool is a knack worst Tafari

Who’s got your favorite part in the new FTC Youngbucks video?

Joenathan Perez

Social Media?


NEXT UP: Jonathan Perez

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