The FTC Young Bucks - Jonathan Perez

on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

Photo: Sean Carabarin / @SeanCho

Full Name, Age, Hometown?

Jonathan Perez, 18, originally from SF but moved around a bunch

How long have you been skating?

About 6 years

Got any nicknames?

Yeah JP or JAHN

Go To Trick?

Kickflip on flat always feels good


FTC, Lakai, Spitfire, Thunder, LRG and Skate Mental

Favorite SF Skater?

That's a tough one I'd have to say Mike Carroll or Karl Watson

Favorite SF spot?

Ft. Miley is pretty fun

Who on the team gets the most girls?

Uhhh probably Kallen he's always bringing chicks back to the crib

Who’s the best / worst person to sit next to in the van?

Best is whoever is rolling up a spliff and worst is probably no one the whole squad is tight!

Who’s got your favorite part in the new FTC Youngbucks video?

I'm stoked to see everyone's part cause everyone kills it

Social Media?

Only Instagram @joenathanperez

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