The FTC Young Bucks - Joel Misner

on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

Photo: Sean Carabarin / @SeanCho

Full Name, Age & Hometown?

Joel Misner, 18, San Francisco

How long have you been skating?

6 years

Got any nicknames?


Go To Trick?



Girl Skateboards, Lakai Shoes, Royal Trucks, FTC helps us out

Favorite SF Skater?

The homie Jack C

Favorite SF spot?

The park

Who on the team gets the most girls?

Ya boi

Who’s the best / worst person to sit next to in the van?

Best: the window, Worst: Nico be pullin' that sus shit

Who’s got your favorite part in the new FTC Youngbucks video?


Social Media?


NEXT UP: Kallen Matlock

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