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This past weekend FTC, Lakai Footwear & Girl Skateboards teamed up to bring us a limited edition series paying homage to one of San Francisco's most iconic destinations, The Candlestick Park Stadium. 

To celebrate over 50 years of deep-rooted San Francisco history, and in commemoration of it's ever nearing demolition date, FTC hosted a release party for the ages. Join us as we celebrate "The Stick" in all it's SF glory with some of the people that made it a memorable place to gather. This is "Farewell To CandleStick."

The shop was decked out in 49ers colors!

...And the whole display had been taken over by "The Stick"!

Now let's ogle the window display!

We'd like an 8.25 and a Size Large please!

...and a pair of these 49er Griffin's Size 11.


 Of course if we had both colorways we could wear one black shoe and one red shoe!

It's San Francisco, not Florida, gotta snag a sweatshirt!

Lurkers were out in full force, we're definitely not the only ones who left a face print on the glass

Witness the calm before the storm...

...and then all Hell broke loose!

Folks lining up to get theirs off the wall

 With the shoes to match.


The Secret Stash

And the party gets a little bigger.

Ando & Kent | Your Hosts For The Evening


Tafari Approves.

...and so does the rest of his crew!

Theo Hand | Sworn To Fun Since 91'

Ando & Chico Brenes

Rick Howard

Sam Smyth

 Sebo Walker & SkateMore Scott

Mike Carroll, Chico Brenes, Jack Curtin & Vincent Alvarez


For The City | Felix The Cat

Mike Carroll feeding the most well behaved dog we've ever met


Mike, Jack and Chico... King Shit.

Stop by FTC some time to figure out WTF they're looking at

Until Next Time!

Photos: Joe Scimonelli | Instagram: @PhatJoee23


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