From Skate Rat to Jail Bird

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If we tried to list every skater that has been to jail over the years, it may actually require it's own website. But of course there have a been a few standouts over the years. 

The once-incarcerated Andy Roy put it best in this timeless quote from his Big Brother interview:

"We fucking destroyed this town and punished people and ran over old ladies and gave my herpes to every girl I could. I will never get my herpes taken care of, I will have them forever. I love herpes because when they flare, it's on like Donkey Kong."

To the skate-rats-turned-jailbirds on the inside looking out: may this freedom one day be yours!

  • Jay Adams

    Jay was an original member of the Z-Boys and spent the late 70's tearing up pools with a surf-inspired style. He then spent the next two decades in and out of jail on a variety of charges, most of them drug related. He was released from prison in 2008, and since then he has been laying low. According to Wikipedia, he speaks to young kids at schools about the past choices he made.
  • Christian Hosoi

    In 1995, a warrant was issued for Hosoi for failing to appear in court. To avoid arrest, Hosoi stopped attending competitions including the first X Games, which was to be marketed as a renewed rivalry between Tony Hawk and Hosoi. In 2000, Hosoi was arrested at Honolulu International Airport with 600 grams of crystal meth in his bag. Walter White he was not, but Hosoi still served nearly five years behind bars.
  • Josh Swindell

    Ok... This one is kind of gnarly. Swindell was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced 15 years to Life in the 1993 beating death of a gay 31 year-old named Keith Ogden. Swindell became enraged after hearing that Ogden had sucker-punched his good friend and fellow XYZ rider Danny Way. In an instant, Swindell ended his career as a Think pro and began a his new one as an inmate.

    "I was drunk and irrational, and I attacked [Ogden] brutally, no bones about it. It's the biggest mistake a person can make. I took everything from him and his family."

    After 20 years behind bars, Swindell was released in 2012 and now lives in San Bernadino, CA... A fate arguably a worse than the pen.
  • Mark "Gator" Rogowski

    This one's even gnarlier. No, Gator's career slide didn't start when he began endorsing Vision Street Wear; which at the time was actually a respectable brand. Instead, Gator pretty much blew it when he assaulted, raped, and murdered his ex-girlfriend's friend, Jessica Burgsten. He then dumped her body in a surfboard bag and buried her in a shallow grave in the desert outside San Diego.

    And why might one of the hottest skaters of the 80's do such a thing? The only reason Mark ever gave was Jessica "was of the same mold" as his ex. Check out the trailer to, "Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator"
  • Fabian Alomar

    Former Menace pro and Lockwood local, Fabian was spared a third strike earlier this year thanks to a successful "Free Fabes" campaign. He had been working as a bit actor for shows like 'Dexter' before getting arrested skating down Hollywood Boulevard with some of the devil's lettuce in his pocket. We look forward to seeing you in '14 Fabes!!!
  • Steven Cales

    Cales did 20 months in prison in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, Cales' dark side caused him to get locked up during some crucial points in his career, dude never had a proper video part and kids today don’t really know who he is. Fortunately he's back on the streets now and his overcrooks have held up! But like so many East Coast heads from the 90s, Cales never got the shine he deserved.
  • Andy Fucking Roy

    Andy on prison sex: "Oh, the Snuggle Bandit! Well check it out. I’m horny, I don’t got no shame in my game, you know? And, uh, when they jump in the shower and they come back to the bed. I’ll be on their bed, and IÂ’ll just kick back on their bed and go, “Hey, come on, let’s hang out.” And they’ll lay down, and I’ll corrupt their minds, manipulate them. ’cause I’m a good manipulator. And then I’ll vandalize their bottoms. There’s a variety. There’s bubble butts, some with flat asses...". Heroin is a hell of a drug.

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