Victims of Y2K: Our Favorite Forgotten Skaters of the 2000s

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For every dude who makes it skateboarding, there are 10 ams who don't. We just made those numbers up, but they illustrate a simple truth - not everyone can ride for their favorite energy drink company until 40.  This article is a tribute to those guys from the 00s who, at some point, fell off. 

Victims of Y2K: Our Favorite Forgotten Skaters of the 2000s

  • Colt Cannon

    Colt Canon came up HARD in the early 2000s. He made the cover of Transworld's Am Issue in 2000 with a kickflip down a very healthy double set. It has been years since any footage from Colt, and to be honest, we had forgotten how good the dude was until we popped in his part in Circa: It's Time. Tasteful trick selection (he hardly repeats anything), an under-rated heelflip and a shove-it 5-0 down Clipper- yeah, Colt ripped. Unfortunately injuries cut his career short, and he only spent a few years in the pro ranks.
  • Greg Myers

    Myers was super young when he made his first appearance in The DC Video and was definitely getting some LKPs (little kid points). Still, it was obvious he had talent, but Myers has remained under the radar since then, most recently making an appearance in DC's Skateboarding Is Forever. Maybe the fact that Greg Myers isn't a household name is more a testament to the insane state of skateboarding these days than it is about the dude himself. After all, he switch backside flipped Carlsbad.
  • Alex "Trainwreck" Gall

    Trainwreck was the heir apparent to the Zero throne, but succumbed to the party and never really had the career we would have like to have seen out of him. At least he left us with this gem- TransWorld's In Bloom
  • Justin Case

    In addition to having the best name ever, Justin Case once skated as an am alongside Paul Rodriguez and Mikey Taylor on Kareem Cambell's City Stars. 'Reem has a serious eye for talent, but Justin never made the jump into the pro ranks. Rumor has it that he, like Gall, succumbed to the party, but we'd love to hear from Justin himself. Justin- where you at? Drop us a line! Here is a young Justin in a Sixteen Skateboards video.
  • Tosh Townend In a lot of ways, being a childhood star is the same anywhere, whether in Hollywood or the skate industry. In Tosh's case, he chomped handrails alongside John Fucking Cardiel in Sight Unseen and was poised for a promising career. Then he stepped away and, well, grew up, which in his case meant growing dreads and skating to reggae. Tosh hasn't had a poor skate career by any stretch, but I don't think he has spent as much time in the limelight as many predicted he would have 12 years ago, when he was tailsliding 14 stair handrails as a 15-year old in the classic Transworld video Sight Unseen.
  • Tyler Hansen

    We at SkateMore were never super bullish on Tyler Hansen, but he was getting a lot of coverage for a while in the early 00s. Maple was backing him hard, but Hansen himself went the way of the maple leaf and disappeared too, only to resurface as a self-proclaimed Washed-Up Handrail Skater.
  • Ryan Nix

    While never huge Tyler Hansen fans, SkateMore admits to seriously jocking the original Bootleg team. Their debut vid, Bootleg 3000, featured Kool Keith, Pete Eldrige at his absolute prime, and quality front noses from Nix himself. this article, which of of course made the rounds on Slap.
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