Flaired... Fully.

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What exactly is flair? Some consider it, "a tasteful assortment of fashionable accessories", while others just call it, "a bunch of shit on your wrists." T.G.I.Fridays calls it MANDATORY.

And while we at SkateMore aren't exactly fashion-forward, we can still appreciate the value of having a "signature look". Some are desperate to stand out in competition, some have OCD and some probably just have an affinity for black leather everything.  

So we decided to compile our favorite instances of flair, ranging from classic to eccentric to... well... a bunch of shit on people's wrists.

This is SkateMore's, "Flaired... Fully".

  • Christian Hosoi: T-Shirt Tail Hosoi gave us a lot of really extravagant flair during the 80s, including Jimmy'Z shorts in seizure-inducing colorways and the most flaired out skate trick of all time, the Christ Air. However, we at SkateMore are most partial to his T-shirt tail, which recalls Superman's cape and possibly even the sacred white tunic of the original Christ himself.
  • Matt Hensley: Wallet Chain Hensley's wallet chain is arguably the most distinct piece of flair of all-time. Have you ever thought about the fact that Hensley is one of the few to escape the late 80s and early 90s while still looking cool? Think about it- who else can rock a chain wallet and not look kookier than Nate Sherwood?
  • David Gonzales: T-Shirt Headband The headband is the perfect accessory to David Gonzales flowing locks of hair. It keeps his hair out of his eyes when he is skating so he can concentrate on more important things, like not dying.
  • Garrett Hill: Wizard Hat

    We aren't sure how often Garret Hill rocks his wizard cap, but we think it is a great addition to his already magical skateboarding!
  • Erik Ellington: Open Shirt / Chest Tat Is his shirt unbuttoned 'cause he's rolling to da club in Miami? Nah, he's just getting ready to rip bruh. For his confident display of a hairless chest, and for showing more of it than Pamela Anderson did in all of the 90's, Erik Ellington, we salute you!
  • Chris Cole: Wristbands Chris Cole has taken wrist trinkets to the extreme. We're not sure what purpose they serve but we remain devoutly devoted to Chris Cole regardless (I mean, have you seen the new Zero video yet?). But if you traveled back to 2001 Chris would be on our list for yellow t-shirts, funny haircuts or baggy pants. But not wristbands.
  • Mark Gonzales: Gloves The Gonz is a germ-a-phobe. Jason Phares has told the story of Gonz freaking out over pigeon shit at Burnside cuz some local said he'd get a staff infection. "It totally freaked out Mark... One little comment ruined what could’ve been an epic session. He’s always wearing those white gardening gloves—like they’re going to do anything.” Full Story Here
  • Tom Penny: T-Shirt Hat

    The T-Shirt Hat has been a staple of Tom Penny 2.0. We like it, but then again, we like everything Penny does.

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