Eric Koston: A History in 25 Photos

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Koston is an OG, so it's not easy to keep track of his 20+ years of crushing skateboarding. Fortunately for you, we at SkateMore have condensed his history into 25 photos, so at the very least you don't embarrass yourself next time someone asks you what his ender in Mouse was. 

1. Eric Koston came of age in the 80s:

Photo courtesy of Complex

2. In 1993, he switch flip back tailed. In a line:

3. And then did this (click the image!):

4. Asshole:


5. Yeah, you:

6. But he was friends with this Guy

Photo courtesy of Police Informer

7. And a bunch of girls

8. And Thrasher really liked him:

9. 'Cause he could do things like this:

10. And because this- the first ES Koston:

Photo courtesy of Skately

11. And eventually, the Koston 3..

Photo courtesy of Sole Collector

12. (He Wore those While delivering pizza)

Image courtesy of Le Site du Skateboard

13. Eric got serious for Menikmati.

14. But then lightened up with the Fandangle:

Photo courtesy of Remap

15. He even made buddies with Shaq..

Image courtesy of some dude on Photobucket

16. Who inspired some questionable behavior:

Image courtesy of Complex.

17. Koston then became a virtual Pro Skater..

Photo Courtesy of Joystiq

18. And grew his hair to prepare for battle..

Image courtesy of

19. When this dude "didn't steal his wallet man!"

20. In Yeah Right, Koston gave us an Ender.

21. And then the Ender Ender:

22. Froston then got Fully Flared

23. But eventually joined the dark side.

Photo courtesy of HR Life.

24. And became the Berrics better half:

25. But really, 2:36 is all you need to know.

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