Enjoi Quinceañera

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Enjoi celebrated 15 years last Saturday by throwing a quinceañera at The Ritz in San Jose complete with DJing Duffels, a retrospective video, Clark Hassler pro announcement, massive skate deck wall and of course... Mariachis!!! This soiree was certainly no Bag of Suck.

Happy 15 Years Enjoi!

The Ritz.

And what a fuckin' 15 it's been!

First thing walking in... Definitely a good sign.

Second angle.

It wouldn't be an enjoi party without a fully stocked bar!

Hyped the coozies, MEOW!

Louie Barletta, always on the grind!

Alright, drink in hand, let's check out some boards!

Jose busted out the bowtie and it looks like Haslam might have even combed his beard!

Tha Miikstaaaaaa

Oververt show-stealer Thaynan Costa and Onion Tha Great!

Videos to keep the vibe going.

Mr. & Mrs. Duffel on the 1's & 2's!

Clark Hassler is Pro!

The crowd is mesmerized.

Is this a retrospective video with a fresh faced Louie Barletta or was this photo taken 20 minutes ago? You decide!

Marc Johnson talking about how bad skateboard ads sucked before he came along.

Whatever happened to him???

Skate Date.

Meet The Dingles.

And their new adopted son.

Kid Adams and the man Jaime Owens.

Stolen moments in the VIP.

Erik Olsen and Sweet Sal... She's the coolest.

And what Quinceañera would be complete without a mariachi band?!

This guy's digging it.

enjoi goals

Spanky & Bucky

See ya next time Jerry!



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