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Curren Caples paid his dues as a Flip Am for nearly a decade before finally receiving his first pro model this past Summer. He's been busy the past few months, taking 2nd at X-Games Barcelona, 1st at X-Games Munich and 2nd place at DewTour SF.

With so much going on it was only necessary he took a break between wins to answer a few SkateMore questions, so lurk on to find how he's been shaking the little kid image, how he deals with super-fans and a few thoughts on his recent 22-stair feeble grind cover for The Skateboard Mag.

Flip's Future Sits Down With SkateMore

First of all, congratulations on taking 2nd in the 2013 Dew Tour Downhill competition. That course was gnarlyl, did you have a favorite part?

Thank you. It probably would have to be the big container. It was fun making the drop.

You’ve been riding for Flip for a long time now… How did that whole relationship first get started?

I actually started riding for them when I was 11, I skated in the Phoenix Am and the team manager at the time saw me skating- I got put on Flip a little bit after that.

Your Dad is pro surfer Evan Caples, and you’ve grown up surfing too, how has that lifestyle influenced your approach to skateboarding?

I skated before I surfed but I know that people say I look like my skateboarding is a surf style. Maybe watching surf videos with my dad when I was little helped that.

You’re well known as part of skating’s new breed who is able to go skate street or transition equally well. With that, do you have a favorite kind of terrain to skate?

I just like skating stuff that looks fun to me. I don’t really have a definite favorite. I pretty much like it all.

2013 DewTour Downhill Shipping Container aka Curren's Favorite

"You have to skate contests to get your name out there. I think they are way more important than they were in the past..."

You and Louie have been riding on Flip together for nearly half your lifetimes, how has that kind of support benefited you throughout your career? Does it create a healthy rivalry?

It has been a lot of fun to have someone close to my age and a good friend to travel with and to be able to talk about similar experiences that we have. I think as far a rivalry goes we both want to win a contest or get a good trick at a spot but there’s no bad feelings when one of us does better than the other.

Street League is going off, The X-Games is bigger than ever and you just killed it at Dew Tour. Has skating in contests become more important than it used to be?

You have to skate contests to get your name out there. I think they are way more important than they were in the past maybe because of the internet and social media more people can watch and instantly know how well or bad you do.

Tell us about your recent 22-stair feeble grind on the cover of The Skateboard Mag. How long did that take to land? Did you consider any other tricks first?

It took me longer to try it than it took me to land it. I grinded the other side first, first try, so I thought I needed to try something harder.

How much farther do you think skaters can take it with rails?

I am not sure how much further it can go. Guys are doing so many gnarly kink rails now. 

For us old skaterats that don’t even touch rails, tell us what's the difference between skating say a 7-stair, 15-stair or a 22-stair rail?

It all depends on the rail rather than the size of the stairs a 22 could be really mellow and a huge 7 stair. It’s more the rail than the stair set.

There is sort of an inherent risk coming up so young in skating that you get pegged as a 'little kid skater', has that been an easy image to shed given your skills?

I think just getting taller helps, I hope I am shedding that image. I think the 22 stair should help, I hope my skating is getting better as I get older!

Curren Caples (Photo by Arto Saari)


"I am not sure how much further it can go. Guys are doing so many gnarly kink rails now."

You’ve been dubbed “cute” by many a female fan and Tony Hawk says you’re his daughter's favorite skater... Any good stories of uber-fans trying to get too close?

That is embarrassing, can't say I like being called the Justin Bieber of skating. As far as girls go, one day I was at my house and someone knocked on the door and when I answered it was two girls that had found out where I lived and drove up from Huntington Beach to take a picture with me for one of the girls birthday. It was so weird.

We understand you are currently filming for your first pro video part… Can you tell us anything about that?

Just working hard trying to get as many good tricks as I can.

Anything else we should be on the lookout for from Curren Caples and Flip in 2014?

Filming for Vans video and hopefully some good contests results. That's all I can think of.

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