Atlas Skateboards 7 Year Anniversary

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This past weekend Atlas Skate Shop celebrated their 7 year anniversary in downtown San Mateo, CA with an art gallery and product release featuring the works of Brian Lotti.

We stopped by to show some love, snap a few photos and take advantage of the free Pabst and Jarritos. 

This is Atlas Skateboards 7 Year Anniversary 

Already poppin'...

Art display... Check. Live DJ... Check. Static IV playing in the background... Check!

You've heard of the Monster Girls? Well meet the Jarritos Boys!

"Yea bro I'll grip your board in a sec, just let me drop this fat beat..."


Hella people fashionably late.

Double-Fisting It!

Alright... Time for some art.

Portrait: Greg Hunt | Oil On Panel | Artist: Brian Lotti

Portrait: Mike Manzoori | Oil On Panel | Artist: Brian Lotti

Portrait: Mike Stecyk | Oil On Panel | Artist: Brian Lotti

Mofo in China Basin | Circa 1989 | Artist: Brian Lotti

Sage Elsesser | Nosegrind Tailgrab | Artist: Brian Lotti

Robbie Russo, Melon Grab | San Pedro | Artist: Brian Lotti

Atlas Skateboard Collab Original Artwork by Brian Lotti

Decks now for sale at Atlas Skate Shop!

The finished product.

Brian Lotti stands by his work.

And lord knows we won't skate a board without a matching t-shirt.

Atlas Co-Owners Mike Manidis & Ryen Motzek with Brian Lotti... Congrats on 7 years guys!

Alright, we're outta here...

Until next year Atlas!

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