The AntiHero "Cracked" Art Show

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Last night AntiHero Skateboards hosted a gallery in Berkeley, CA called "Cracked" featuring original mosaics by local artist Santi. If you'd like to see some of his work in person, stop by the Lower Bobs sometime.

That beard though...

Gotta get a drink if we're going to make it through this

Santi, Raney Beres and someone I thought was Jon Sciano but isn't hahaha... Too cool for me.


Alright let's see some mosaics!

DJ Orb aka that guy from Animal Chin handing out maps to skaters homes

Big Hongry pool sharkin'

Dan Plunkett too fast for film

And while we're sharing blurry photos, here's Mickey Reyes and the real Jon Sciano

Jake Phelps shares with us his favorite piece from the collection...

...The polished turd.

Someone I don't recognize and Thrasher Magazine photographer Joe Brook

Joe Brook's iconic van "Big Blue"... Stay lurking kids.

Vincent Alvarez and Stevie Perez

Mickey Reyes and John Cardiel... Whoa.

In memory of Curits Hsiang

Photo by Big Hongry

Dope work Santi... See you next time!

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