No Comply: 8 Skaters Who See Things Differently

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The beautiful thing about skateboarding is that it's an act of self expression unique to every individual who steps on a board. And while there is still more or less a standard set of tricks and variations most of us strive to perfect, some just won't settle for the "norm". Some are compelled to blaze their own trail and defy expectation. We could try to put into words what makes each of these dudes stand out, but it's better you just watch them for yourself.

This is "No Comply: 8 Skaters Who See Things Differently"

Gou Miyagi

Click to watch Gou Miyagi in Heroin Skateboard's "Video Nasty"

Richie Jackson

Click to watch Transworld's "And Now... Richie Jackson"

Italo Romano

Click to watch Italo Romano at The DC Embassy

Louie Barletta

Click to watch Louie Barletta in Enjoi's "Bag of Suck"... With commentary!

William Spencer

Click to watch William Spencer at The Berrics

Andrew Scalamere AKA Ragdoll

Click to watch Ragdoll in Pig Wood's "Slaughterhouse"

Mark Gonzales

Click to watch Gonz skate the Krooked Circle Board in NYC

Rodney Mullen

Click to watch "The Best of Rodney Mullen"

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