6 Skate Parts That Made Us NOT Want To Skate

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You pop in the VHS. You click the YouTube link, looking for some pre-session motivation. Three or four minutes of quality skating to get you amped for a session with the boys.

What you get instead is a mind fuck. Skateboarding so ridiculously advanced that you can't even relate. Not in any way. These are the extreme opposite of a Nate Jones video part.

Well we've certainly been there, and we've compiled the top 6 skaters that have made us feel like we never want to skate again.

Maybe go skate before reading ahead.

  • Felipe Gustavo

    While his skating has been encouraging pros to step the fuck up for years now, Felipe somehow just turned pro himself. To celebrate, he dropped a Berrics Battle Commander. Felipe's rag to riches story is truly inspiring but his skating? It's so good, so incomprehensible, that you don't want to do anything after watching one of his parts.
  • Ryan Decenzo

    His line at 1:46 made us never want to skate again- how can you be that consistent?
  • Shane O'Neill

    Nothing makes us not want to skate like 540 shuv its, switch 360 double flips, and switch flip back tail 270 heelflips out. Thanks Shane for confusing the hell out of us for three and a half straight minutes.
  • Mike Mo Capaldi

    Fully Flared marked Mike Mo's arrival, and an epic one it was. With NBDs like front tail to front blunt (wtf?) and switch back tail big flip out, his part in the Lakai classic left us feeling stuck in the Street Stone Age, when you could still get away with a kickflip back tail line in your video part.
  • Nyjah Huston

    Yeah, it was a failed power move conveniently released just in time for SOTY voting, but that doesn't make Nyjah's Fade to Black part any less of a mind fuck.
  • Carlos Iqui

    Just something about those Brazilians. Theory has it that it's the rough spots they grow up skating in Brazil that prepare them for the smooth schoolyards of Southern California. Others claim its the water. Whatever it is, there is an undeniable tradition of tech-ass Brazilians invading the US, from Rodrigo TX to Felipe, to this guy, Carlos Iqui. Nollie flip front blunt- need we say more?

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