Skateboarding's 6 Most Criminally Underrated Ledge Technicians

on Thursday, 23 January 2014. Posted in a

For every dude who has built a career on a foundation of granite ledges, there are five other dudes doing fakie flip back noseblunts on ledges into oblivion. Sadly, there seems to be a cap on the amount of dudes who can build careers by skating mostly ledges.

And while this might ultimately be a good thing, it means a lot of seriously rad dudes get lost in the shuffle. Case in point- Javier Sarmiento. Ever heard of him? You should have, but we at SkateMore fear some of the young'uns haven't.

Thus, we have made it our mission to edumacate you on the 6 Most Criminally Underrated Ledge Technicians.



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