The Thrasher Magazine 2014 SOTY Party

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Titans of skate industry descended upon the city of San Francisco this past weekend for Thrasher Magazine's annual Skater of the Year party. This year was especially lit because they also announced the winners for King of the Road. Getting into SOTY wasn't nearly the struggle it was last year and most of our photos are actually in focus this time... Maybe we're finally starting to get our shit together after all. Thanks again Sally Vitello!

This is The 2014 Skater of the Year Party

Click to watch Thrasher Magazine's 2014 King of the Road Awards Ceremony

Click to watch Jake Phelps present Wes Kremer with the Thrasher Magazine 2014 Skater of the Year award

Already poppin'

Line around the block, but we're actually on the guest list this year!

Skateboards at the coat check...

Gotta get a drink if we're going to make it through the night

Double Jameson on the rocks... Let's do this!

Solid endorsement from Frank Gerwer

Someone I don't know and the OG Jabari Pendleton

Cairo Foster in the mix

Hipster Chicks.

FTC's Ando Nesia and his gal pal Quinn Morgan

Shane O'Neill to my left

...and Nyjah on the right! SOTY is that kind of place.

Chico Brenes. Best Dude.

Torey Pudwill and his lady

They make a cute couple.

Tommy Guerrero

Tony Trujillo and Jake Phelps... Heavy.

Evan Smith aka KOTR MVP

Wes Kremer pre-SOTY announcement

Birdhouse KOTR Mystery Guest and Sk8Mafia OG Peter Smolik

Who are those two wallflowers hiding in the corner?

Oh hey it's Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez

Last year SOTY Winner and all around naaaawsty boy Ishod Wair

Element KOTR Mystery Guest and total party animal Tyrone "T-Bone" Olson.

Birdhouse in the umm... House! Mike Davis, Clint Walker and someone I don't recognize.

Ben Nordberg and Flip TM John Nicholson

Matt Berger, Geoff Rowley and Jamie Hustle


Jim Thiebaud backs it.

I asked Cory Kennedy for a photo and he did this

Pop star Matt Miller and Evan Smith

Sorry David Gonzalez it's a cash only joint

Tony Vitello and GX1000... It's San Francisco bitch!

Jon Sciano (i think) and Raney Beres steady lurking

Andy Roy and his lady

Leftover bitches from Santa-Con... Dumb.

Birdhouse TM Jerome Case, somebody and David Loy

2014 SOTY Nominee Bobby Worrest

Flip KOTR Mystery Guest and former teen heart throb Chad Knight



Mike Davis don't give a fuck!

Broken Wing Society

Nike TM Steve Chalme aka Scuba Steve

Dennis Busenitz

Nico Hiraga & Gary Rogers

Bones Bearings TM and known vegan Vern Laird

Jamie Hustle and Jack Curtin

Tony & Trixie Trujillo

He means well.

Death by Bass Drum aka the band from the theme song for KOTR 2014

And now everyone's ready to watch the final KOTR episode

Andy Roy's got the best seat in the house!

Jaws watching himself ollie a stairset naked covered in shaving cream... Toad approves.

...and so does Jaws.

Alec won Phelpers Choice award

and Evan Smith took home MVP. But in the end Birdhouse won for the second year in a row.

This guy won an award for best dressed.

Marius Syvanen and Julian Davidson

Smoke break...

Evan Smith, Jack Curtin and Wes Kremer... Another heavy photo.

Keith Hufnagel aka HUF

Tony grabs the mic during Phelps SOTY speech

Thrasher surprised Wes with a performance from Naughty By Nature. 

The whole Kremer family was hyped!

Louie Barletta & Sally Vitello aka America's Sweethearts... See you next year!

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