15 Years of Western Edition

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This past weekend Western Edition celebrated 15 years by hosting a special exhibition at FTC featuring the artwork of Ian Johnson, archvival photos from Ken Goto, Ando and others, original sketches, board graphics and other special pieces.

This is 15 Years of Western Edition

Typical Scene

Killer display as usual

Alright lets go inside and see what's up...

Western Edition 10 Year video in the background

Western Edition... Fully Stocked!

Free Beer... Also Fully Stocked!

More WE boards than you can can shake your dick at

Alright, lets peep some art!

Ian Johnson signing his Marvin Gaye deck for a young fan and his Dad

Dwayne Galloway photo bombing his own shot

Jabari Pendleton, Nate Keegan, Ian Johnson and Kent Uyehara... Straight G's

Jovontae Turner with a solid endorsement for Pabst Blue Ribbon

Group Photo!!!!

Until next time y'all!

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