Big Dawgs: 14 Skaters Burlier Than You

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Skateboarding is hard. Plain and simple. The level of strength and agility required to perform at a professional level is mind-boggling. But if you've ever met any pro skaters face to face you may have noticed many of them are well below the height / weight of an average male. Some speculate their small, lightweight builds with lower center of gravity somehow provide an advantage to the acrobatics of skateboarding. Then we have the "statistical outliers", the big dawgs that don't fit the mold of your typical skater build. The type of guys whose physical stature manages to dwarf the monster spots they skate. We're impressed with them the way we're impressed by a grizzly bear riding a tricycle or an elephant walking a tightrope, it's just way more gnarly than if performed by a smaller beast.

This is "Big Dawgs: 14 Skaters Burlier Than You"

Big Ben Schroeder

"How do you fucking make it as gnarly and as death as possible? That's Schroeder in a nutshell" - Jeff Grosso

Click to watch Ben Schroeder in "Love Letters to Skateboarding"

Gershon Mosely

Click to watch Gershon Mosley in Transworld's "The Reason"

James Hardy

Click to watch James Hardy's "Homecoming" Full Part

Stu Graham

"Folk usetay call me Wee Fat Stu wen a wiz a younger, but then a got bigger than everybody and became Shrek. Or just oger a dinnae mind oger!"

Click to watch Stu Graham in Osiris' "Feed The Need"

Andrew Allen

"...Your board will be so heavy you won't be able to get it off the ground. And that's not a diss, I'm just saying you're a pretty heavy man" - Frank Gerwer

Click to watch Frank Gerwer give Andrew Allen the business on going pro

Justin "Figgy" Figueroa

"It's turning into a crisis, dude! I can't film on certain spots 'cause I'm too tall now."

Click to watch Figgy's full part from "Bake and Destroy"

Brian Anderson

Click to watch Brian Anderson in Girl's "Yeah Right"

Andrew Brophy

"Clocking in around the six-foot-three mark, Andrew Brophy is a beast known to his mates in Australia simply as “Manchild." - O'Meally

Click to watch Andrew Brophy in Cliché's "Clé 'A Live and Unplugged Video'"

Chris Cole

Click to watch Chris Cole in Zero Skateboard's "Dying To Live"

Chris Gregson

"I hope I don't get taller. I hate being tall."

Click to watch Chris Gregson's opening part in "Wizard Bloody Wizard"

Fred Gall

Click to watch Fred Gall in Alien Workshop's "Time Code"

Sean Sheffey

"Sean was just a beast. He looked like a gnarly College Football player at 15-16. The first time I met him he had no shirt on, was buff as fuck, had some crazy country high water cut off jeans, crazy hair or corn rows of some sort, and was flying through the air and ollieing everything in sight." - Pastras

Click to watch Sean Sheffey iin Plan B's "Questionable"

Matt Mumford

Click to watch Matt Mumford in "Slave Radio Television"

Jeff Grosso

“...But whatever, I’m just some fat old dude. I like to ride pools and I’ll do it as long as I can.”

Click to watch Jeff Grosso runs from the Vans 2014 Pool Party

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