The FTC Young Bucks - Samuel Chao

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Photo: Sam Smyth / @SamsKlub

Full Name, Age, Hometown?

Samuel Chao, 18, SF

How long have you been skating?

Skating for 6 years.

Got any nicknames?

Zamuel or Novigod. Joel's is Brent.

Go To Trick?




Favorite SF Skater?

Zach Stow

Favorite SF spot?

The Island

Who on the team gets the most girls?

No one.

Who’s the best / worst person to sit next to in the van?

Best is the driver and the worst is Desmond

Who’s got your favorite part in the new FTC Youngbucks video?

Matt and Ryan are sharing a bangin' part.

Social Media?

Follow me @ZamuelChao and follow the squad @FTCYoungBucks #ChaoDown

NEXT UP: Ryan Gowan

LOOK AWAY: The Art of Todd Francis

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 LOOK AWAY: The Art of Todd Francis

"Attempting to embrace the artwork of Todd Francis is akin to sailing your ship toward the song of the siren. Like most artists leveraging the loose category of "Street Art" to their benefit, Francis is a cheap, shiny gift to the doomed and vacuous, a fleeting beacon to the dull and easily entertained, and an artistic reference to those naive enough to cite the temporary, interchangeable walls of the skate shop as a viable source." - Some Critic

Join us for a photo recap of the Todd Francis book release at DLX Skate Shop in San Francisco from this past weekend.

This is "Look Away: The Art of Todd Francis"

The Alec Majerus Interview

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The Alec Majerus Interview

Alec Majerus has been killing it in the streets and in contests for years now, but 2014 has been especially significant. Independent video part; Check. Recruited by The Berrics; Check. Tampa Pro, Street League and X-Games; Check. Plus to top it all off he officially turned pro for Flip Skateboards less than a month ago with a full part dropping today! 

With so much going on for this future legend we were stoked he took time to answer some questions about living the dream.

This is The Alec Majerus Interview

No Comply: 8 Skaters Who See Things Differently

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No Comply: 8 Skaters Who See Things Differently

The beautiful thing about skateboarding is that it's an act of self expression unique to every individual who steps on a board. And while there is still more or less a standard set of tricks and variations most of us strive to perfect, some just won't settle for the "norm". Some are compelled to blaze their own trail and defy expectation. We could try to put into words what makes each of these dudes stand out, but it's better you just watch them for yourself.

This is "No Comply: 8 Skaters Who See Things Differently"

The Kyle Camarillo Interview

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The Kyle Camarillo Interview

For over 15 years now, Kyle Camarillo has been capturing epic moments of skateboard history with his photography, videography and directorial efforts. He is currently responsible for all of LRG Clothing skateboard media, and throughout his extensive career he's worked with some of the greatest pro skaters and skate brands to date. From 411VM to Enjoi's "Bag of Suck" to his most recent "Gold & Grey" video, it's clear that Kyle is progressing his craft while progressing the skate life we all embrace.

This is The Kyle Camarillo Interview.

Memorable Moments With Alien Workshop

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Memorable Moments With Alien Workshop

For the past week the internet has been abuzz with talk of Alien Workshop going out of business. And while there still has been no formal announcement from DNA Distribution, a simple Google search will result in a flurry of articles and forums confirming that the rumors are true. We actually found out ourselves from Vern Laird's Instagram.

And while we can speculate for hours on what lead to their downfall, which rider is going to which new team and what will be the fate of Habitat we thought it would be more productive to take a look back at some memorable moments of decades past to appreciate The Sovereign Sect's contribution to skateboarding in all of its extraterrestrial glory.

This is "Memorable Moments With Alien Workshop".

The Richard Jefferson Interview

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The Richard Jefferson Interview

As a San Francisco native and LA-transplant, Richard Jefferson has been destroying spots up and down the west coast for over 15 years now. He's put blood, sweat and tears into the skate life and knows what it takes to survive in such a cut throat industry.

We recently caught up with Richard to find out where he's been skating, what he's working on and to learn how we too can become certified heelflip masters.

This is The Richard Jefferson Interview

The Decked Out Art Show

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The Decked Out Art Show

This past weekend Matt Richie hosted the "Decked Out" gallery celebrating the one year anniversary of Fremont Skate Park. Much like the variety of terrain available at Fremont Skate Park, the gallery has a wide array of artistic expression that well demonstrates the versatility of skateboards as an art medium.

There are some really great pieces in this collection so best of luck deciding on a favorite...

This is The Decked Out Gallery.

The Chris Cole Interview

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The Chris Cole Interview

Chris Cole has come a long way since the days of yellow t-shirts and 50-50 late foot flips. He's been crushing it for well over a decade and steadily risen to the upper echelons of skateboard stardom. Yet despite his lack of banana camouflage these days, Cole still comes across as the same humble dude from the turn of the century. 

Even now he continues to skate on a level that very few can even conceive, laying waste to every spot he touches. If you need proof look no further than his two most recent parts for Zero Skateboards "Cold War" and DC Shoes "Cole Lite 2". 

So while Chris Cole is out there making skate history on his path to world domination we're here left to wonder how he even found time to answer our questions... This is The Chris Cole Interview.

Welcome To The Deadbeat Club

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Welcome To The Deadbeat Club

This past weekend Deadbeat Club hosted the first night of a month long exhibit at Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose, CA. Now you may be asking yourself, "Why would SkateMore do an article on this bunch? What the fuck do they have to do with skating???" Well not much really, but when you consider that two members are none other than Ed & Deanna Templeton, you start to better understand our motivation in attending.

Plus who doesn't like a bunch of rad photos from people that actually know what they're doing behind the lens? (We handpicked a few favorites and you might even recognize a pro skater or two)

Scroll on to experience Deadbeat Club in all its photogenic glory!

The Vincent Alvarez Interview

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The Vincent Alvarez Interview

Vincent Alvarez is one of those skaters that breaks the mold. The opposite of a cookie cutter. How do you categorize a guy that does switch front blunts on tranny the same day he pulls a fakie 540 big flip? Tech? Gnar? Technar? Fuck, does it even matter? No, it doesn't.

What does matter is that Alvarez skates fast as hell with an approach to spots that blends the basics with technical tricks in ways you've never even considered.

What matters even more is he's a down-to-earth dude that manages to avoid the ego trip despite being a seriously ill skater. Combine all that with his love for Wu Tang Clan and it becomes quite clear, "Vincent Alvarez ain't nuthin' to mess with."

Fire Sale: 7 Skate Brands Of YesterYear

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Fire Sale: 7 Skate Brands Of YesterYear

Professional skateboarders aren't what you'd call a "risk adverse" bunch. Unless maybe you consider stuff like switch tre flipping stair sets "a sure thing". So is it any wonder that a few of these daredevils would also be attracted to the risk-prone life of an entrepreneur?

Of course, not every attempt at starting a new skate brand is successful. With the ever decreasing attention span of youth culture, the ability to generate lasting success year after year is anything short of a miracle.

So for every one of your favorite skate brands celebrating 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years in business, there are dozens more that fell short along the way.

It's with this in mind we present "Fire Sale: 7 Skate Brands Of Yesteryear"

The Jack Curtin Interview

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The Jack Curtin Interview

With technical street skills and the steez to match, Jack Curtin has been a DGK mainstay for years now. Originally from the mean streets of DC by way of Indonesia, Jack eventually found his way to the hills of San Francisco where his skating abilities came to be perfected.

With so much style seething out of one individual it can be hard to put into words what makes him so appealing... So instead let's just leave it at this - he switch flip backside 50-50'd Clipper LedgeThat right there says it better than we ever could.

This is The Jack Curtin Interview.

Where are they now? Life after skateboarding.

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Where are they now? Life after skateboarding.

Professional skateboarding is a young man's game. While careers do sometimes extend into the 40s for a lucky few, 17 years of age seems to be the prime of peak skate ability for most.

Let's say you drop out of high school to pursue a career in skateboarding. After a decade (if you're lucky) of skateboarding professionally, probably without health insurance, you are washed up kid, you're just not what you used to be. What do you do?

For some, the post-pro path involves staying in the skate industry as a TM, company owner, or simple hanger on. Others leave the industry altogether to pursue new opportunities. Here we chronicle some post-skate career choices former pros have made. This is "Where Are They Now? Life After Skateboarding"

The Tommy Zhao Interview

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The Tommy Zhao Interview

Behind all that footage of buttery marble ledges in China there's a guy named Tommy Zhao, a Delawarean (is that a word?) who has been documenting the growing skate scene in Shanghai from behind a Sony VX since moving there in 2008. Tommy is also a master chef, has a mean noseslide, and has been known to let his living room out to legions of skate rats for months at a time.

Tommy recently premiered his second full-length film, Something Sinister, to an audience in Shanghai and.. just wait. With parts from Lucas Puig and Brian Peacock and a bunch of other dudes who you have probably never heard of but who kill it in China every single day, this video is the gnarliest thing to come out of the Middle Kingdom since baby milk laced with melamine.

Tommy runs Legion of Sorts, but don't go there until you've read this interview, fool!