The AntiHero "Cracked" Art Show

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The AntiHero

Last night AntiHero Skateboards hosted a gallery in Berkeley, CA called "Cracked" featuring original mosaics by local artist Santi. If you'd like to see some of his work in person, stop by the Lower Bobs sometime.

The Chris Haslam Interview

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The Chris Haslam Interview

Chris Haslam is an enigma of skateboarding, with a bag of tricks most people would never even consider logistical. If skateboarding was around centuries ago he would've likely been burned at the stake for his blasphemous technical sorcery. Late one night I was watching his part from Almost's "5-Incher" and felt compelled to reach out to him for an interview. Who knew Facebook messenger would actually be most effective?

This is The Chris Haslam Interview

The Thrasher Magazine 2014 SOTY Party

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The Thrasher Magazine 2014 SOTY Party

Titans of skate industry descended upon the city of San Francisco this past weekend for Thrasher Magazine's annual Skater of the Year party. This year was especially lit because they also announced the winners for King of the Road. Getting into SOTY wasn't nearly the struggle it was last year and most of our photos are actually in focus this time... Maybe we're finally starting to get our shit together after all. Thanks again Sally Vitello!

This is The 2014 Skater of the Year Party

Big Dawgs: 14 Skaters Burlier Than You

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Big Dawgs: 14 Skaters Burlier Than You

Skateboarding is hard. Plain and simple. The level of strength and agility required to perform at a professional level is mind-boggling. But if you've ever met any pro skaters face to face you may have noticed many of them are well below the height / weight of an average male. Some speculate their small, lightweight builds with lower center of gravity somehow provide an advantage to the acrobatics of skateboarding. Then we have the "statistical outliers", the big dawgs that don't fit the mold of your typical skater build. The type of guys whose physical stature manages to dwarf the monster spots they skate. We're impressed with them the way we're impressed by a grizzly bear riding a tricycle or an elephant walking a tightrope, it's just way more gnarly than if performed by a smaller beast.

This is "Big Dawgs: 14 Skaters Burlier Than You"

The Zack Wallin Interview

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The Zack Wallin Interview

Zack Wallin has had quite a year. From his streetwide kickflip gracing the cover of Transworld to his nollie backside 180 down the Wallenberg set to his pro announcement for enjoi it seems there's simply no stopping Old Man Zack these days. We caught up with him shortly after the San Jose premier of OverVert to talk spots, injuries, living the pro life, wood work, favorite things and more. 

This is The Zack Wallin Interview

The Jordan Hoffart Interview

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The Jordan Hoffart Interview

One word comes to mind when we think of Hoffart - Burly. Between the gnarliest front tailslide ever, this recent beast of a back board, and a handful of damn heavy but somehow overlooked video parts, Hoffart has established himself as someone who takes his diverse bag of tricks to levels that few other people do. Hoffart's trick selection is top notch too, and his bag runs deep. Who else seems as comfortable hucking a laser flip down a double set as they do nosepicking an extension? Plus, Hoffart the Person is top-notch. Accessible, personal, and now a family man, he's just like your friendly Canadian neighbor except better at life. Much better.

This is The Jordan Hoffart interview

The Mouse Bastidas Interview

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The Mouse Bastidas Interview

Mouse Bastidas is the creative force behind an ever growing collection of grip tape graphics and has quickly become the artist of choice for skaters all over the world. As an Oceanside, CA native, he's grown up within a heavy skate scene that has supported his growth as an artisit and helped nurture his passion into a full-fledged career.

We're grateful he took the time to answer some questions, though his message has already been made clear: Paint. Skate. Dominate.

This is The Mouse Bastidas Interview

FTC For The Cash 4

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FTC For The Cash 4

Last week, FTC hosted their 4th annual For The Cash event right in the backyard of their shop. As usual the pop-up course was massacred by a steady onslaught of skaters looking to get their tricks in without colliding into one another. Some kid even flew over the side fence into a neighbors yard and broke his arm!

Jack Fardell took first place for the second year in a row, local boy Terrell Newell put in work to take second and Baker young gun Tristan Funkhouser rounded out the winners circle, taking third. 

And special shoutout to Rat Face for taking shit to a whole 'nother level!

This is FTC For The Cash 4

20 Years of Chocolate

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20 Years of Chocolate

Chocolate Skateboards is celebrating "20 Years of Chocolate" with a traveling art gallery showcasing a long graphic history of skate decks, original sketches and photography. We just so happened to be in Brooklyn at the same time covering Dew Tour, and took the opportunity to snap more than a few photos of the fun. So skip the lines, avoid the poorly ventilated room packed with people and enjoy some amazingly creative art.

This is "20 Years of Chocolate"

The David Gravette Interview

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The David Gravette Interview

When trying to come up with ways to properly describe what makes David Gravette such an amazing skater we found it hard to really put into words. It's just the sort of natural, fluid, good time skateboarding that makes you want to hop on a board, perhaps with a beer in hand. It might sound cliche' but to us he embodies what real core skating is all about... Having fun! The last time we saw him skate was at the 2014 Dew Tour Portland Street Style competition with his arm in a sling, the day before surgery and still pulling tricks we'd likely never attempt on our best day. I dunno, maybe that's a proper way to describe him?

This is The David Gravette Interview

SkateMore's 2014 Dew Tour Portland Lurkfest

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SkateMore's 2014 Dew Tour Portland Lurkfest

If you were in Portland this past weekend odds are you spotted us shamelessly lurking about the 2014 Dew Tour Best Trick & Street Style competitions. We were once again granted media passes, allowing for unfettered access to the course and an opportunity to pester every pro in sight. We also decided to step things up a notch and bought an actual camera instead of our normal snapping of cell phone pics. Now that doesn't mean the quality of our content is any better, we'll let you be the judge of that, but hey, at least we're making an effort right?

This is the 2014 Dew Tour Portland Lurkfest.

The FTC Young Bucks - Ryan Gowan

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Photo: Sam Chao / @ZamuelChao

Full Name, Age, Hometown?

Ryan Gowan, 20, Pacifica

How long have you been skating?

8 years

Got any nicknames?

Not really

Go To Trick?

Nollie flip



Favorite SF Skater?

Dennis Busenitz

Favorite SF spot?

Cow Palace DIY

Who on the team gets the most girls?

Haha definitely Nico

Who’s the best / worst person to sit next to in the van?

I drive that shit, we pile whoever in and just take spots all day.

Who’s got your favorite part in the new FTC Youngbucks video?

Demzmen for sure!

Social Media?

Hit me on MySpace

NEXT UP: Tafari Whitter